American Belleek

In 1863, an American company called Ott & Brewer started producing a porcelain similar to Irish Belleek, and they included the word Belleek in their products. Other American companies that included Belleek in their marks were the Willets Manufacturing Company, the Ceramic Art Company - which became Lenox, Morris & Willmore (Columbian Art Pottery Co.), Perlee Inc., California Belleek, among others. Today, only one company from the American Belleek era has survived. It is Lenox.

American Belleek, as it is called, is generally referred to as fine thin pottery made from the 1880s to the early 1930s in Trenton, New Jersey. During those 50 years, the area around Trenton was the only major porcelain industry in America.

The 1930s saw the demise of Trenton's porcelain industry as a whole. A successful lawsuit by an Irish company prohibiting American potters from using the name Belleek and the Great Depression combined to the failure of the industry.

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