Pickard Porcelain

Pickard porcelain, produced since 1893 by the Pickard China company in Antioch, Illinois, ranks among the finest china made anywhere in the world. The beautiful porcelain produced by this company is noted for the quality of its production, exceptional painting, unusual strength and brilliant glaze.

Like most hand-decorated porcelain dating to the turn of the 20th century, value is determined by the quality of the painting, the motif, and porcelain mold itself. While highly desirable, florals are generally less valuable than hard to find scenic or portrait pieces, since collectors favor these hard to find items. Collectors also look for artist signed pieces, and they bring added value to the piece. Some of the most highly-coveted names to watch for, according to The Pickard Collector’s Club, are Yeschek, Challinor, Cirnacty, Seidel, Gifford, and Fuchs. Exceptionally large or small pieces and other rarities will also be more valuable than average-sized items as will the oldest pieces of Pickard which are marked with paper labels. Unusual items are also very desirable to Pickard collectors.

Early Pickard pieces often have two marks: an underglaze mark (such as a mark from a manufacturer operating in Limoges, France) indicating the company that made the white ware “blank,” and, the Pickard mark which was added after the item was glazed indicating the studio that decorated the piece, including D’Arcy’s, Donath, and White’s Art, among others. Pickard purchased and imported blanks from various factories in the Limoges region of France, Bavaria, and the United States.

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