Purchase & Delivery Policy

My Antique Collection and its shop owners would like each individual buyer to have the most enjoyable experience navigating, purchasing, and receiving products in our marketplace. More so, we want the delivery process for your item to run as smoothly as possible. In order to do so, customer and shop owner communication is paramount.

My Antique Collection simply mediates the process of buyers connecting with online shop owners. Additionally, to refrain from a dynamic ordering and delivery process, My Antique Collection provides a streamline policy for shipment and delivery of items from the shop owner, to the buyer (unless mutual written agreement is consented upon). In case the customer or buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, we require our shop owners to honor the Return Policy.

Subsequently, after the purchase of a given item or product (all buyer information answered and item description and images appropriately provided), shop owners:

  1. Will have up to, but no more than 5 days to ship the item or product to the specified buyer. (Insurance on the item should be purchased, if available, or unless written consent between both parties).
  2. Buyer should notify shop owner upon receiving the package within a 3 day time frame, no more.
  3. Shipping methods should be agreed upon by both parties.
  4. All necessary information including tracking details, shipping carriers, and delivery times should be provided to the buyer.

Fragile Information Recommendations

In order to maintain what we call "Chain of Custody," shipments that contain fragile items or products should be: (1) Shipped in appropriate protective bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanut, or other secure methods of transport, (2) Should contain all necessary information inside the shipping package, and (3) Should be clearly labeled with a "Fragile" sticker on the outside of the shipping package.

If the item or product gets damaged upon shipment, please notify the shop owner via email or phone. Additionally, contact of carrier for resolution (take photographs, don't lose or throw away anything). Read more at Return Policy.