Q. Does "My Antique Collection" take a percentage of each sale? If so, how much?

A. We do take a percentage of each sale. The way this is done depends on the price of the item. We use an inverse proportion model, where the higher the priced item, the lower the percentage we take. Here is the percentage breakdown. 

Items between $1 - $200  => 6%

Items between $201 - $2000 => 4%

Items between $2001 -    => 2%

Q. Does "My Antique Collection" charge a listing fee per item listed?

A. We 'DO NOT' charge to list items.

Q. Do you charge a monthly/annual subscription fee to be a vendor on the site?

A. Currently, we DO NOT require a subscription fee. That could change further down the road.

Q. Do you deal with the vendors themselves regarding shipping and price range?

A. We DO NOT deal with shipping or vendors in anyway. If an issue arises, we will do our best to remedy the problem. If many complaints are found against a certain vendor, and persists through several other grievances, they might be subject to ban from our marketplace. "My Antique Collection" is a marketplace that allows buying and selling of antique goods. Furthermore, we want the buyer to have the best experience they possibly can. We use a good faith based marketplace and shop owners must adhere to our Return Policy and Terms of Sale policy.

Vendors should make themselves extremely coherent and transparent. Additionally, users should follow the same guidelines