Return Policy

Return Policy

My Antique Collection and each of its independent vendors or shops want to create the best possible experience for buyers as possible. To provide and ensure this service, and for the protection of the buyer and shop owner, we have created a Return Policy that each My Antique Collection shop owner honors. While shop owners may have additional terms that apply, My Antique Collection policies will govern in the event of any conflict. Shop owners can only make their policies more lenient, not more strict.

Return Policy Procedure

  1. If the product bought is not up to your satisfaction, please simply contact the shop owner where you bought the item by the contact information provided: email or phone. This should be made within 5 days of the delivery of the item for its return and a refund of the purchase price.
  2. The shop owner will acknowledge your return request within 3 days.
  3. Buyer will ship the item back within 3 days of the shop owner acknowledgement:
    • The item must be returned using the 'original' carrier (unless agreed in writing), sent back in its original package, and insured if available, and must be received in the same condition with all identifiable marks intact.
    • Recommendations: Tracking information and delivery receipt.
    • Buyer pays for return shipping and insurance, unless agreed otherwise between the buyer and the shop owner.
  4. Once the shop owner verifies that the item has been returned and the condition of the item is intact, a full refund should be provided within 3 days of that time.

Additional Information

  • We recommend no partial refunds, only full refunds.
  • Shop owners may choose to offer an easier Return Policy.
  • Damaged items will be handled separately described below.

Damaged Item Procedure

  • Please do not return item damaged as it will void shipping insurance. Damage claims can only be made with items that have been insured.
  • Prior to shipping back, please notify the shop owner of the damage.
  • Claims should be made through the original shipping agent.
  • Make sure to retain all the original packaging and information, as well as the pieces to the damaged item as the shipping agent¬†might request examination.
  • In the event that you, the recipient, file the claim, the shop owner will provide you with all necessary insurance information.
  • For information on filing a claim through the following carriers, visit:*
  • Note: not all shops use the above carriers, in this case, please contact the shop owner so they can guide you through the process.